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Premium Highly-caffeinated Tea

Breakfast Shot is a strong caffeinated Earl Grey black tea blend, Oolong Shot is a fragrant Iron Goddess tea blend,

and Jasmine Rose is a refreshing jasmine green tea blend

Breakfast Shot


Attractive brisk aroma with slight roasted bergamot flavor. Thin creama on the top. Full-body, firm and racy. Robust caffeinated palate. Best served with honey and dried lemon.

Oolong Shot


Impressive fragrant aroma of fresh oolong. Full-body, dense and flavorful. Fresh and fine finish. This blend has incredible fruity aftertaste and hints of orchid.

Jasmine Rose Shot


Amber clean with touches of green. Rose pink crema on the top. Very strong jasmine flower aroma. A rosy undertone in the aftertaste.

Breakfast Latte


Black tea aroma combine with fresh milk fragrance. Tight and structured. Milk provides the heavy palate and silky texture.

 Oolong Latte


Glass leaf aroma with light milk chocolate. Medium-to-full body. Dried bamboo leaf with hints of vanilla bean.  

Jasmine Rose Latte


Floral aroma with zesty citrus and combine with the delicacy of flower petals. Excellent balanced flavor of fresh milk and jasmine flower.