A Better 

       Caffeinated Experience

Today in America, teas are either too sugary or bland and less focused on, well, tea. Inspired by Italian espresso brewing method, Nuvola tea shots and latte revive tea's potential as a superior source of caffeine. Along with other healthy tea stimulants,  Nuvola kick-starts your day without the bad jitters.

Our Signature Blends

Nuvola   Blasé


Perfect Hints of Earl Grey and Assam to Keep You Up and Sharp

Nuvola   Buddha Jade


Fragrant Iron Goddess Oolong that Refreshes Your Senses

Nuvola    "Nobody"


Refreshing Jasmine Rose Blend

Espresso Brewing

to Maximize Benefits

Our brewing method reaches 9-bar pressure and releases nearly the same level of stimulants per cup as in coffee. Each cup of Nuvola tea also contains high levels of tea polyphenol and other salutary ingredients which can help treat digestive issues and lower risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes. 

Tea Caffeine Released

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